Advisory Council

Dr Bhimabhai A. Odedra

Born in Uganda, Bhimabhai studied medicine in India and worked as a Doctor in Kenya. Emigrating to the UK in 1982, he established himself in the business world. 

Appointed trustee and chair of trustees for Leicester Maher Community Association from 1995 to 2018; Bhimabhai’s vision to unite the Maher diaspora, with the support of the community, culminated in the development of The Maher Community Centre. 

From 2012 to 2019 Bhimabhai served as chair of trustees for Shree Hindu Temple and Community Centre in Leicester.  Together with the trustees overseeing the renovation and expansion of the temple.

Bhimabhai continues charitable and philanthropic work in India focused on education, health and social welfare projects.  He believes that when participating in community work one should be objective and open-minded rather than authoritative and critical.